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Gordon Chang to Newsmax TV: Trump 'Knitting Together a Coalition' to Press China

Gordon Chang to Newsmax TV: Trump 'Knitting Together a Coalition' to Press China

President Donald Trump is "knitting together a coalition" to isolate us against the "axis of the week" and create leverage against China for a future trade deal, Asian affairs expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax TV.

"The USMCA [United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement on trade] really is an indication that the Chinese are in trouble, because President Trump is knitting together a coalition," Chang told Wednesday's "The Brett Winterble Show." 

"When you put that together with a handshake deal that he has with the Europeans and with the deal that eventually he'll come to with Japan, it really means that China is isolated.

"That's going to be a really important thing for us as we eventually when we sit down and talk to Beijing about all of the grievances that we have. So, this is really good policy on the part of the Trump administration."

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Host Brett Winterble outlined Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China as the "axis of evil" the Trump administration has worked to isolate, but Chang saw it as more of a temporary alliance with China as the focal point the administration will attempt to chip away at.

"China right now looks increasingly fragile," Chang told Winterble. "When their markets opened after the national week, they plummeted 4.8 percent, and that's a real indication there's a lack of confidence on the part of players: They don't want to hold their stock; they don't want to hold their own currency.

"So, President Trump has a lot of means to exert leverage over the axis of the week."

Published at Wed, 10 Oct 2018 16:52:12 +0000