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Trump Touts Presidential Approval Rating: 'Might Be a Red Wave'

Trump Touts Presidential Approval Rating: 'Might Be a Red Wave'

President Donald Trump on Sunday touted his presidential approval numbers compared to his predecessor Barack Obama, tweeting that his administration was, “winning on just about every front and for that reason there will not be a Blue Wave, but there might be a Red Wave!”

The president touted his approval rating specifically on the economy and U.S. military, but didn’t provide where he received his information.

Forty-eight percent of likely voters approve of Trump’s job performance, according to the Rasmussen Report released August 3, while the most recent Gallup Poll has the president with a 40 percent approval rating compared to Obama’s 45 percent at roughly this time in his presidency. The Rasmussen Report has Obama with a 46 percent rating at this time in his presidency.

RealClearPolitics’ average of major polls has Trump’s approval rating on the economy at a 50.3 rating while his overall job approval sits at 43 percent.

Trump issued a similar message during a rally in Ohio Saturday, where he touted his intelligence and said he bested the elite by becoming president. 

The president is stumping hard for Republicans around the country ahead of November's midterm elections as Democrats are the slight favorites to take control of the lower chamber. 

Published at Sun, 05 Aug 2018 21:47:09 +0000