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NYPD Counterterror Chief: 'Unbelievable' 3D Guns Arm Those 'Bent on Violence'

NYPD Counterterror Chief: 'Unbelievable' 3D Guns Arm Those 'Bent on Violence'

Permitting the publication of 3D-printer plans to make guns, even high-capacity, AR-15-like rifles, serves to supply "tools to those who are bent on violence," which "is just insanity" and "truly unbelievable," according to NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Counterterrorism John Miller.

"This is just insanity," Miller told "The Cats Roundtable" on 970 AM-N.Y.

". . . The idea of while we are fighting to close [existing gun law] loopholes, to open the greatest loophole of all, which is buy a $2,000 printer and you can make as many guns as you want that aren't subject to regulation, that don't have to have a serial number, that don't have to be traceable, that may not be made out of metal and can defeat certain metal detectors."

Miller said we already have enough challenges to protect the American people from random acks of violence — "we have a school shooting or a massacre every other week," he told host John Catsimatidis — so permitting 3D-printed weapons would make law enforcement difficult with guns which might be unregulated, undetectable, unregistered, and untraceable.

"It's one of those moments where we have to ask ourselves, well, who are we? Who are we?" Miller asked. "Are we a society that just wants to continue to supply tools to those who are bent on violence for reasons whether rational, political, terroristic, irrational?

"Or do we want to have some kind of sensible existence where we send our children to school or to the movies or to the mall knowing that they’re going to be relatively safe in an open and free society?"

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Published at Sun, 05 Aug 2018 17:26:32 +0000